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The DON'T pack list

Finally, it's holiday time! You have busted your butt off at work and/or school and finally it is time for your much deserved break. Although it is currently summer in your own country, you just might be visiting a destination that is even sunnier. But what do you bring? The internet has all sorts of packing lists, but we are here to tell you what NOT to bring!

1. Towels

Although you think you need a towel to dry off after a nice swim in the pool, or that you will need one to lay on at the beach. Forget about that! Towels are way too heavy and take up too much space in your suitcase or backpack. Sarongs are all you need! They are light, they are easy and they are way more on trend than those old hefty towels. Plus, a sarong can also double as a dress, a skirt or even as pants.

2. Most of your make up

For instance, if you are going on holiday to enjoy the weather and being outside, putting foundation on your face probably isn't the way to go. There is a big chance you won't use it, because it will melt off of your face as soon as you leave your AC tempered room. Also, with your skin taking up all that sun, your normal foundation might not match your current skintone. And if using mascara, it's probably best to use a waterproof one, just to be safe while swimming.

3. A small bag

Sure, everyone has his favorite shoulderbag or even fannypack. Though chances are that the destination you'll be going to also has a lot (a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot) of cute and pretty bags. And come on, bags make way better souvenirs than fridge magnets, doesn't it? So don't try to find the perfect bag to take with you on your trip, but buy it over there!

4. Three pairs of shoes

Alright, this may depend on how long your trip will be and what you are planning to do. But to be fair, if you're going to a destination like Bali you probably won't wear much more than slippers the whole time. The holes in the sideway – if there even is one – won't make walking in heels easier.But if you want to feel a bit more fancy and dressed up, you can always go for a little sparkle near your feet area. If you catch our drift ;) 

Whatever you take or don't take with you, just enjoy yourself and have a great time. Have a nice holiday!


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