About us


Hi, what a JOY you are here! Who would have thought you would be on the other side of the world visiting a brand that once existed out of fimo clay beads? Neither did we, but we are so glad it happened.


In contrary to what some people might think, JOY isn't a big multinational. Although it isn't small either; it is a family business with a lot of employees that make every piece of jewellery by hand. And that's exactly the way we like it. It allows us to have an open and informal business structure and to have high quality handmade silver jewellery produced at the same time. Our team is full of creative and passionate people that create new jewellery almost every day! The founder of JOY, Jenny de Blecourt, is still playing a big role in this valuably sized team. She doesn't only think out all the things we all love, she also packs every single one of them to make sure everything gets the love and attention it needs. 


Most of the times large companies lose touch with their employees and with their customers, whom we rather call our family. To us, losing touch with you does not seem right, because our JOY Family is who made this all happen. Our charms, messages and all our ideas are inspired by you, so we can give back what you all have given us. By keeping true to ourselves, our style and incorporating things that you love, we have built a great community that we are very proud of. 


To us JOY has always been more than jewellery. To us it's family, friends, enjoying life. JOY is you, it's me. It's being outside in the sun, making incredible memories; JOY is a lifestyle. With our passionate and dedicated team we strive to build JOY to a place where it is easily accessible and known to people all over the world.


After opening a small shop in Bali our brand and jewellery soon crossed borders. Which means that we have close partnerships with different stores, prominently based in The Netherlands and we are working hard to be in many more places soon. Find us here:

♡ Avenue, S’Gravenzande
♡ Blitz, Zoetermeer
♡ J22, Rijswijk
♡ Jewelz, Den Haag
♡ Jewelz, Eindhoven
♡ Juwelier van der Zwart, Noordwijk
♡ Juwelier Voja, Schiedam
♡ Kozi, Leiden
♡ M&M Boutique, Den Haag
♡ Myx, Maassluis
♡ Nottet, Wateringen
♡ Sisters, Delft
♡ Slingers, Wassenaar
♡ Suziefleurs, Voorschoten
♡ Sisters, Naaldwijk
♡ And in our flagship store JOY Jewellery Bali


Social media have made it so easy to connect and get in contact with you guys. So please do send us a message if there's anything that you want to know or that you want us to know! Feel free to use our hashtag #JoyJewelleryBali, tag us in pictures using @joy.jewellerybali or send messages to customerservice@joyjewellerybali.com
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