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The latest jewellery at JOY

Every day is a good opportunity for wearing beautiful jewellery. To ensure you never get bored of your jewellery we regularly release new pieces. The pendants that give life to the bracelets, necklaces and anklets all contain a different text or design that gives them a different meaning. This allows you to vary and combine endlessly!

The Bali lifestyle

If you have not noticed it yet; we are not just a jewellery brand. With both our feet in the sand, we are inspired by the pleasure that life brings. The sounds of the pendants that tap into each other and the combination of many different charms represent our symbol of cheerfulness and pleasure. That is why we also like to contribute to the moments in which you enjoy yourself. That is why we now also release lifestyle products! For instance our caps to ensure your cheeks won't burn during your amazing day at the beach. Or our keychains, so you don't have to search for your keys, because nobody has time for that!

Tough outside, sweet inside

Let's face it, we all seem tougher from the outside than we actually are inside from time to time. The pineapple design from the latest collection suits this issue perfectly. In addition, the pendants from this collection have a different design on the front and back. So, some days you might feel like the pineapple side and others like the design on the back.
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